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How to build a small pond

I think it must be inbuilt to hate slugs as there seems to be more suggestions for getting rid of them than any other garden pest. So many that I will do this as a list and will update as each is tried.

Crushed eggshells supposed to be a good solution but it could be tricky producing enough for a garden large enough to feed a family. Not tried myself yet but from 2 people that have tried it 1 found it useless the other says it was really good.
Ducks great for cleaning ground of slugs and snails prior to planting but need enclosing once crops are growing.  

Frogs Toads and Snakes. All enjoy snails and slugs as part of their normal diet small ponds dotted about will encourage them.

We have a couple of small ponds. We have seen frogs toads newts and 2 western whip snakes  in the garden I don't really mind if they are effective or not.
Raw oats. Apparently they don'y know these are bad for them scoff them down and then they expand and the slugs die.  
Adding a crushed clove of garlic to the watering can is a deterrent care should be taken to keep mixture off of the actual plant as it could result in everything tasting of garlic. Tried on blackfly on broad beans, yes good but the black fly needed removing with hose at good pressure. Once removed they did not return.



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