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Raul and Laura from Spain December 31st 2008

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Carolyn and Kevin from New Zealand March 25 2009

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Rosslyn and John received us in a very short notice from which we are very grateful. We stayed with them for two excellent weeks in Kettering We had a very nice and warm room with a very comfortable bed. We worked principally making a new face for the kitchen(painting, making the floor etc.) which we enjoyed and learned a lot, and worked also a bit with Rosslyns van and other small things. John and Rosslyn were really flexible with the work hours and our days off and grateful with the work we did. In the end of the day we could relax together watching a movie(from their huge collection). They always made sure that we had everything we needed and helped us in everything. They took us as a part of the family and to participate to their family-meals. We enjoyed our stay with them, they are kind, positive and friendly with a good sense of humor.
Thank you very much for everything! Hope to see you in France

We can only reiterate everything the previous review has said. The food and the company were excellent. We stayed for 2 weeks, generally helping Ros and John get further tasks finished on their house such as outdoor paving, painting the garden fence, painting the dining room ceiling cleaning out the attic, cleaning windows chopping and stacking firewood and other finishing off tasks.
It was great to relax some evenings and watch movies.
What we particularly like about Ros and John is their unfailing optimism and cheerfulness. We wish them well for their new life in France and hope that we see them again.


Tom from England May 28 2009

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Steve and Bobbie Jo from Canada May 18 2009

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I stayed with John and Ros for four days in May. They had a nice variesd list of things that needed doing and were happy for me to choose a job myself (I only wish the weather had been better and I could have got on the sit on again!). These guys (and the dogs) are very welcoming and friendly, always provide nice meals and wine for dinner and although I wasn't around for long we still had some cool conversations and I will keep some fond memories of my time with them.

All the best in the future guys

We stayed with Ross and John for 12 days in early May. They were very welcoming and made us feel comfortable in their home. There never seemed to be a shortage of conversation, wine, cheese, and food! We had our own bright room with a comfortable double bed and dressers to unpack our stuff.
The work was varied...there were many projects to choose from which we liked because we could pick something we were interested in or that was appealing to us. There were also many tools, work clothes, and safety gear available (ie face mask when using a table saw).
The location was in the countryside- it was peaceful and beautiful- but without a car (or other means of transport) may feel a little isolated. If you do need anything from town it can be arranged with Ross and John as they go to town for groceries/market etc...
We had a nice stay with Ross and John in the countryside!


Myles and Jen from New Zealand: July 10, 2009

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Scott and Catriona from New Zealand July20 2009

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Ros and John are tremendous hosts who took great care of us during our 7 day stay at L’Audouiniere. With their other helpx helpers we cleared a track and part of an overgrown field, fixed some plumbing, put up some new gates, weeded gardens, cut grass, stained a fence, did house cleaning, etc. Ros & John let us set the pace of work - just as well as some days we melted in the heat! They turned on great food and wine for us, and great conversation too. They have a complete arsenal of tools for gardening, woodwork and metalwork, so if you are a handyman or gardener you’ll get by just fine. Kain and Livy - their two collie dogs - are great companions, and they enjoyed taking us for evening walks down the neighbouring lanes. This was our first helpx experience and was an enjoyable one.

Thank you Ros and John for a wonderful stay. We really enjoyed our time (2 and a half weeks) with you. We did a bit of everything really - gardening, wiring, painting, cleaning, building and of course we emptied the van :) Evenings were spent with great food, great wine and great company. Ros and John were happy to take us along when they went into town for shopping trips, and WiFi at the house was great for making future travel arrangements. Very flexible on when you did your work hours, end of June was rather hot so liked having a siesta after lunch then continued work in the cooler evening. Would recommend a stay here!



John and Linda from New Zealand : September 28 2009

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Simon from Canada: January 22 2010

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We stayed with John and Ros for 3 weeks in August 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves... a BIG variety of things to do with plenty of good food and friendly hospitality to keep us going! We achieved and learned lots while there, but there's plenty more to be done. John and Ros's plans for their buildings and land are ambitious (especially since, due to some health problems, neither is as mobile as they once were), so there will always be an interesting variety of opportunities for Helpx-ers. They have just about every gardening tool and bit of DIY equipment and machinery that you could think of, so if (a) you like using such things or (b) want to learn how to use some (thereby increasing your range of Helpx skills) then this is the place to be.

John and Ros are experienced Helpx hosts who know how to look after their helpers properly as well as providing those little extras (such as decent coffee and ready internet access) that can make a stay into something memorable and happy.

Ros and John were very welcoming and I had a great time. They made sure I felt comfortable and had enough work to do. Also, two really fantastic dogs! I would definitely recommend these hosts.


Carlos Leiva   March 21 2010

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Courtney   May 03, 2010

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-> Helping renovate house and Garden in Poitou Charentes, France

Thank you very much John and Rosslyn, these weeks in your company, great hospitality and sharm. It was a great experience, and I expect to be able to return to help soon in the tasks that you need.


-> Helping renovate house and Garden

in Poitou Charentes, France

Austin and I both loved Ros and John's home. Tons of work to do, and as we learned later with some inexperienced Workaway hosts in Spain, we really appreciated the fact that these were seasoned hosts and knew how long we were suppose to be working, as well as when to give us time off. They were very welcoming and hospitable. THANKS YOU GUYS!



Helper: Roman Meier December 22, 2010

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I have never been before in Northhamptonshire and it was my first time doing such an exchange. I had some interesting days in Kettering together with John and Rosslyn and their dogs. I wanted to refresh my oral English and both very patient and helpful in various discussions. I learned a lot about life in England.

John and Rosslyn are kind, fair and flexible helpxers. There was no quarrel about working time and similar things. You can easily work and live together with them.

These hosts appreciate the support from honest helpers. I can recommend cooperating with them and like their easy-going and humorous way doing it.

Jan Weber

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I really enjoyed staying with John and Ros at their former home in Kettering, England. They are fantastic hosts, and Ros is an excellent cook (she has a way with potatoes). The painting work in the lounge was tedious, but I feel that I learned a great deal about decorating from John, who is an extremely knowledgeable, handy person who just oozes wisdom and practical know-how. Not only that, but John and Ros are two of the most lovely, affable, and interesting people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I don't think I could have learned more about the culture of England, and of their generation, from anyone else. We had very satisfying conversation around the table at lunch and supper. The workdays were very manageable, and both were extremely encouraging, even when we faced some tricky situations during work. I felt like I knew what I should be doing and was well instructed most of the time, which is very important in the workaway experience for me, and as a result, I believe we accomplished a rather decent amount of work in just a fortnight. Thank you very much John and Ros for opening your [former] home to me, and I wish you the best while you settle down in France.


Carlos leiva vicen


I was mas of one month in Jhon's house and ross doing different tasks, they are very nice and they helped me very much with my Englishman. They are perfect hosts. Thank you very much Jhon and Rossalyn

Vicky and Peter


Fantastic hosts. We felt very much at home, worked as hard as we could, ate fabulous food, drank wine and watched DVD's - and talked. Great people. John is very much hands on and knows what he wants you to do, the work is varied. Although I can't work like the men I felt useful as there was much to do within my capabilities.
Anyone would feel comfortable here and we recommend it highly.


Jim Hickman


Do not go here to diet! Wonderful food, wine. Its very quiet and relaxing and a bit off the beaten path but the scenery, quality of food and atmosphere more than compensate for this. They will not work you hard but they do expect you to work. There is plenty to do and they provide all the necessary  equipment. I spent 2 months here and never was at a loss for tranquility and a saited appetite.  

Ovidiu and Alexandru Mincu


WONDERFUL place to come!!! It was our first helpx experience and John and Ross made us feel part of their family. We stayed here for ten weeks and we never had twice the same dinner !!

Ross is a FANTASTIC cook !!She loves doing this and every meal is amazing. John has every tool that  you can imagine! TWICE! He will teach you how to use them wich is very helpful. And he is veeery  FUNNY! :)the work is not hard and it is very variated so you'll never get bored! We are now good friends and we can't wait to go back in their nice place!

Thank you very much for everything!

We love you!


Antje Wölze


Dear Rose, dear John! : ) I am really happy that my original hosts in France have cancelled the arrangement and I came to you and Kain and Livvy. I enjoyed my three weeks staying with you and living with you as a part of your family a lot ! I experienced you as very welcoming and generous people (concerning a relaxed atmosphere and great food as well as knowledge) with much empathy, humor, ideas, energy and (cake-)taste. It made me happy to give you a hand with the garden, the stone wall and the doors and to learn about the plants and the machines and I definetely want to come and see and help you again. : ) Thank you very much for everything! Have I already mentionned how "baaaad" I have found your cakes? : D

I am looking forward to see you, the dogs and my blue overall again. Best wishes for you from Brazil,

Antje :

Imran and 'ain


Had a wonderful 2 weeks stay at John and Ross place! although there was 2 vegeterians, the food was superb, even for a carnivore like me. :) must be a dog lover, cause they have 3 adorable, calm and fun lassie collies. Will miss them alot! Good luck in selling the greyhouse guys~ Cheers!


Endre and Martina


Our stage in L´Audouiniére was the best thing how to start our adventure with helpx, we had stayed for four weeks and it was sad to leave.We have knew two positive and easygoing people who have a lots of plans and ideas to realize. To help with that was a pleasure and we enjoyed all successes, the idea of reusing things is really great we like it very much.The quantity and quality of the food was just remarcable, it was a joy to eat. Rosses fresh bread and the puddings was unforgettable. It was like home, Ross and John are very pleasant companions and hosts and we learned a lot of new and useful things. If somebody will have a chance to spend time with them, we highly recommend!!Ross, John, we wish you a temperate and peaceful winter and sending greetings to miss Livvy, Kain the handsome and Luke the old boy!

Thanks for everything and hope we´ll see you again!

Jason Scott

this was very different to my previous workaways, But in a good way!

Ross and John are very welcoming, and i had a very pleasurable experience here, felt like i was going to school the amount i learned from Ross and John, they have so much knowledge to offer which often left me confused, but in the end i feel i have left very enriched which will stand me in good stead for future workaways and in general.

Ross is an exceptional cook, and i think in the whole time i was there i never ate the same thing, (unless asked) Navajo bread, yum yum.

would have loved to complete more of the tasks they needed help with but due to the time of year, this wasn't really practical.

I hope you guys have a fantastic time in your lovely home and thank you for all you guys have given me in the time there.

any potential workaways should defiantly make a stop off here during there travels.

see you guys in the future......

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