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By Arlene Wright Correll
The bunnies are cute to see running across the driveway or the highway. We have adored Thumper the Rabbit and laughed with and at Bugs Bunny, we enjoy the Easter Bunny, but there is nothing cute or funny when they invade your garden and destroy what you have planted.
You might let your lawns grow with wild clover and let the bunnies enjoy a continuing feast of those little green leaves.
We all tried to avoid sprays and repellents and I have found that the best thing for rabbit control is to plant rabbit resistant flowers. I personally do not think much of the animal catching traps. To me the best thing to do is surround my veggies with flowers that rabbits do not like.
I suppose some good hunting dogs might do the trick, but that is not my personal thing and aggressive cats might help, however my daughter-in-law’s 3 cats seem to raise more havoc in my gardens that any rabbit could.
So over the years I have relied on flowers and other plants to help control the bunnies, bless their little nibbling hearts.
If you live in the country as we do I really do not think there is much you can do about rabbits. However, here in Kentucky we have seemed to keep them down the end of our long driveway and away from our good stuff with plants.

Here is my list of flowers that I have found helpful in deterring these charming, furry little rodents and these include perennials, annuals and bulbs.

Here is my list of shrubs that I found helpful.

1. Yarrow
2. Agave
3. Columbine
4. Pink Sea Thrift 5. Astible
6. Impatiens
7. Begonia
8. Bleeding hearts
9. Balsam
10. Coreopsis
11. Cranesbill
12. Butterfly bush 13. Day Lily
14. Lamium
15. Bee Balm
16. Allium
17. Catnip
18. Crocus
19. Straw Flower 20. Dahlia
21. Daffodil
22. Siberian Squill
23. Swan River Daisy
24. Siberian Bellflower
25. Snow-in-Summer 26. Iris
27. Naked Lady
28. Aster
29. False Spiraea


30. Centaurea
31. Fleabane
32. California Poppy 33. Blue Fescue
34. Blanket Flower
35. Eurphorbia
36. Ferns
37. Many Species of Herbs except Basil
38. Candytuft
39. Dead Nettle
40. Red-Hot Poker
41. Lupine
42. Crown-pink
43. Blackfoot daisy
44. Forget-me-not
45. Oregano
46. Beard Tongue
47. Oriental Poppy
48. Santolina
49. Saxifrage
50. Gloriosa Daisy
51. Pincushion Flower
52. Lamb’s Ears
53. Feather Grass
54. Thyme
55. Verbena
56. Sweet Violet
57. California Fuchsia

58. Japanese Maple
59. Fir
60. Albizia
61. Vine Apple
62. Hackberry
63. Cedar
64. Hawthorn
65. Redbud
66. Cypress
67. Ash
68. Magnolia
69. Maidenhair Tree
70. Pine
71. Spruce
72. Oak
73. Douglas Fir
74. Texas Mountain Laurel
75. Here is a list of shrubs I found that work.
76. Glossy Abelia
77. Bamboo
78. Barberry
79. Butterfly Bush
80. Manzanita
81. Boxwood
82. Flowering Quince
83. Fairy Duster
84. Cotoneaster
85. Littleleaf Cordia
86. Delea
87. Daphne
88. Brittlebush
89. Turpentine bush
90. Holly
91. Jojoba
92. Buckwheat
93. Juniper
94. Chuparosa
95. Kerria Japonica
96. Lantana
97. Lavender
98. Leucophyllum
99. Oregon Grape
100. Cinquefoil
101. Heavenly Bamboo
102. Firethorn
103. Sumac
104. Currant, Gooseberry 105. Rosemary
106. Sage
107. Lilac
108. Viburnum

Here is a list of vines and ground covers that will work for you.

109. Carpet Bugle
110. Dwarf Plumbago
111. English Ivy
112. Japanese Spurge
113. Virginia Creeper
114. Periwinkle

Not only will these help to keep your rabbit population down, deer do not like a lot of these and they will truly enhance the beauty of your garden.
Author Arlene Wright Correll Resource: For more gardening or cooking information click http://www.learn-america.com/
To see Arlene’s Gardens and to read her gardening diaries or click on Arlene’s Books where you can download or buy her gardening & cook books. Arlene says, “All my royalties from the sale of my books go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and I thank you for visiting my site.”
Article Source: 114 Plants That Rabbits Hate
Article From: Organic Gardening Articles



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