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Aqua-ponics :-

A sybiotic system where keeping fish gives nutrated water to raise plants and the gravel filled plant troughs filter the water to keep fish healthy.

In a commercial set-up a food fish would be raised as part of the system but all of the possible candidates have problems for a small scale domestic set-up.

Tilapia, the most common fish used is not hardy to european winters so heating must be used or they must all be harvested before the temperature drops

which will shorten the vegetable growing  season.

Trout need moving water with high oxygen levels this would be costly to provide.

Therefore we have decided that the humble goldfish is the right choice for us.


The childrens old pool is now a pond full of goldfish, even though we hope to use the water to raise food we have added some plants to the pond because it just looks good.

So far we have 2 large plastic troughs and some sacks of gravel and a selection of pumps and various bits of metal framework and dexion.

Initially we will be growing leaf crops. Then we will start testing tomatoes and cucumbers.


So we now need someone to help bring it all together.  




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