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We are working towards a "Good Life" type life style. We have spent our working life totally immersed in the rat race but now want a calm rural existence.


Our garden project is based on being as chemical free as possible. We will use companion planting and garden friendly wildlife to control pests. Small ponds scattered about the vegetable garden will encourage predators of slugs snails etc. Plants will be arranged to naturally protect against insect pests. This year we hope to raise ducks for eggs and to clear the land of snails and slugs prior to planting

The house is in 3 parts the first is renovated with kitchen bathrooms bedrooms hot water etc. We have room for 2 couples in the house and in the summer a large frame tent will also offer accommodation.

The rest of the building is divided into 2 separate houses in need of complete renovation. We hope to have 1 of these renovated and available by the end of this year.


Click on photo to see Humming Bird Hawk Moth in action

We are hoping to become virtually self sufficient in fruit and vegetables, offering work exchange opportunities throughout the year.


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